Mindful Resolution
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 Workplace Mindfulness Training Programs

for stress reduction, resilience, and focus



In the information economy,
your most valuable
asset is attention. 

How can you tell?

Everyone is vying for it.




Mindfulness is a skill to direct attention, think clearly, and respond productively to stress.

We teach that skill.


Our workplace training programs are evidence-based and cost effective.

Mindful Resolution's workplace training programs focus on reducing stress in addition to building more workplace engagement, empathy, and emotional resilience.

Our programs are engaging and based on current research in neuroscience and the science of well-being. 


“Mary Linda's course was exceptional. She gave me insights and tools to practice mindfulness meditation on a daily basis. I've since had a dramatic positive shift in my ability to stay calm and present in the midst of ups and downs of my work and personal life.”

— J. Bailey, VP for Operations, Transitions LifeCare


Thank you so much for your great presentation! I could really tell a difference in the room during your talk. You truly have a gift! I heard great comments from our members.  I look forward to working with you again! Thank you!

-A. Lassiter, CEO, HD Reach


Curious about what mindfulness training can do for you or your organization?