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Mindfulness 101 / 6-Week Program

Mindfulness 101 is a 6-week course and includes the following:

Introduction to a specific mindfulness meditation practice each week including informal practices (off the cushion) that can be integrated into work and personal life.

Materials to support developing a mindfulness practice and guided meditation audios for at-home practice.

Weekly email follow-up from Mary Linda with articles, videos, and other references to topics covered in class.

Class 1

  1. What is mindfulness meditation?

  2. Two ways to practice: dedicated and integrated

  3. Focused Attention Practice

Class 2

  1. The body’s role in mindfulness practice (it’s not all in your head :-)

  2. Working with the “monkey mind”

  3. Body Scan Practice

Class 3

  1. The Stress Response

  2. Self-directed neuroplasticity (or countering the negativity bias)

  3. Walking Meditation Practice

Class 4

  1. Responding vs. Reacting

  2. Mindful Communication

  3. Open Aware Meditation Practice

Class 5

  1. Confronting difficult emotions

  2. Cultivating self-compassion

  3. Loving Kindness Meditation Practice

Class 6

  1. Mindfulness and Resilience

  2. Resources for continued practice

  3. Mountain Meditation Practice

75 minutes, weekly on Mondays beginning February 11th and ending March 18th, 6:00 - 7:15 PM
Fee: $120 for the 6-week course


1004 Dresser Court, Raleigh, NC
(near Duke Raleigh Hospital)



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