Mindfulness Programs for the Workplace

    Photo  by Joi Ito  CC BY 2.0

    Photo by Joi Ito CC BY 2.0


    Innovative companies like Google, Target and Patagonia use mindfulness training to build stronger workplace teams and foster effective leadership.  They have found mindfulness training to be a proven strategy for mitigating the costs of stress and its associated side-effects (estimated to cost US businesses upwards of $300 billion annually).

    Mindfulness is being practiced in boardrooms, classrooms and on athletic fields around the world. 

    Our workplace training programs range from an “Introduction to Mindfulness” talk to a multi-week mindfulness training series. 

    Speaking Engagements

    60 - 90 minutes

    Keynote presentations on the topic of mindfulness can be tailored to your industry and workforce needs. The talks are informative and interactive. They are a frequently used as a corporate conference session or to enhance an employee wellness program.

    Guided Meditation Classes

    30 - 45 minutes

    Guided mediation classes provide your colleagues with an opportunity to relax and refresh during the workday. Participants will sample basic mindfulness practices and leave with simple strategies for integrating mindfulness into their day.



    Half Day or Full Day

    Mindfulness retreats are designed to be educational, inspiring and transformational. They provide the opportunity to experience a variety of practices including concentration practices, walking meditation and gentle yoga. Explore how mindfulness can set the stage for deep work, creativity, and better collaboration. 

    Mindfulness Course

    Weekly 1-Hour workshops

    A multi-week course provides the time and support for participants to develop a mindfulness meditation practice and explore ways to integrate mindfulness into the workplace.  Training is conducted in four-, six- or eight-week series. This course offers the opportunity to realize the benefits of  integrating mindfulness into your organizational culture .


    Programs are conducted on-site, at your workplace and can be customized for your industry and workplace challenges. Not sure which approach is right for you? Contact me and we'll talk about your unique situation.