Sample Programs for Nonprofits


    The Mindful Art of ASKING

    60 - 90 MINUTES

    This interactive presentation is perfect for a Board training program or your Development team. Based on key qualities of mindfulness including Attention, Intention and Kindness, participants will explore skills and a new perspective on the solicitation process.  These skills will result in greater ease and success in working with donors for transformational giving.  

    Lunch and Learn

    45 - 60 minutes

    Lunch and Learns are a great introduction to the personal and professional benefits of mindfulness. Participants will sample basic mindfulness practices as well as simple strategies for integrating mindfulness into work and home lives. The program is tailored to your team, making the discussion relevant and the ideas actionable.


    Board or Staff Retreats

    Half Day or Full Day

     A retreat provides the opportunity to practice mindfulness as it relates to emotional intelligence and peak performance.  Participants will explore the basis of core emotional intelligence skills - self-awareness, self-regulation and empathy - required for effective leadership and teamwork. Designed with your needs in mind, retreats can incorporate topics such as mindful communication, mindful movement (gentle yoga), and The Art of Asking.

    Mindfulness Course

    Weekly 1-Hour workshops

    A multi-week course provides the time and practice for participants to develop mindfulness skills. Participants will explore ways that mindfulness can help mitigate the stress inherent in nonprofit work.  These courses are appropriate for direct service providers, volunteers and/or your fundraising team. Mindfulness training is conducted in four-, six- or eight-week series and tailored to the unique culture and mission of your nonprofit organization.


    Programs are conducted on-site, at your workplace and can be customized for your nonprofit. Not sure which approach is right for you? Contact me and we'll talk about your unique situation.