My Vision

Cultivating clarity, resilience, and empathy


When I called my business Mindful Resolution, many people assumed I was talking about a New Year’s kind of resolution.

That was not my intent.

The inspiration for Mindful Resolution came from Chade-Meng Tan’s book, "Search Inside Yourself."  Meng, as he is known, was employee #107 at Google, and is the force behind their in-house mindfulness training courses.  

Meng told his colleagues at Google that mindfulness develops high resolution perception.

The concept of high resolution was familiar to the engineers and designers.  In tech lingo, “resolution” is a measurement on the number of pixels, or points of light and color, on a screen. As an image’s resolution increases, it becomes clearer, sharper, and more vivid. With high resolution, the component parts stand out. There is nuance.

Mindfulness brings high resolution perception to our lives.

With dedicated practice, we begin to notice more, sharpen intuition, and respond more skillfully. We develop greater focus and build emotional resilience.

Consider the benefit of bringing a mindful resolution to your work and personal relationships.  What would it be like to be fully present to the unrepeatable precious moments of your life?


Mary Linda McBride
Founder, Mindful Resolution